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Snow Squad is Sudbury’s most innovative driveway clearing and snow removal service. We receive an average of over 250 centimetres of snow every year. That’s no match for our fleet of industrial snow throwers.


Our focus is to simplify the life of all homeowners by providing reliable and trusted snow removal service when a storm hits. Here are a few reasons Snow Squad leads the pack.

Easy on your property

Traditional snowplows can do damage to cement, lockstone and sod. The Teflon tips on our industrial snow throwers ensure minimum contact with your driveway.

Avoid big snow banks

Our snow throwing operators are skilled at positioning the snow in a safe, unobtrusive location on your property. Increased visibility when coming out of your driveway means a safer start to your day.

Trusted & Reliable

We’ve gained extensive experience with fleet and project management through our years of summer property maintenance. Rest assured that our fleet will have you out for the morning drive and your driveway cleared by the end of your day.

Unlimited Passes

We offer unlimited snow removal in Sudbury after 5 centimetres of accumulation to make sure we clear that pesky snowbank often left behind by the city plow.

How it works

24/7 customer support

During a storm, our helpful operators are on-call and our service staff are in the Sudbury office, ready to take your call.

Email alerts

Our automated system will notify you by email when our fleet is deployed. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our fleet is out in full force to clear the way.

GPS fleet management

Our fleet management system creates the most efficient route for each of our operators, ensuring maximum efficiency, and a maximum number of passes on your property.


Season Pre-pay

  • One payment for the whole season
  • Unlimited passes
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Damage-free Driveway

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$20 Off

Commercial Services

We understand business owners and property managers already have a lot on their plate. Our goal at Snow Squad is to provide our business clients in Sudbury with reliable, industry leading service to ease your mind and let you forget about the hassles of winter weather.

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